Call for Abstracts – deadline expired

Are you working at the cutting edge of geospatial developments? Are geospatial solutions having a major impact on the way you work now and in the future?


The GEO Business team are seeking revolutionary and thought provoking abstracts for a newly launched seminar programme that truly demonstrates the remarkable impact geospatial technologies and solutions are having on our global environment. The brand new seminar programme will run alongside a strategic senior level conference of invited speakers. It will also sit outside the well established commercial workshop programme which is hosted by exhibitors demonstrating their latest products and services.

All interested parties were asked to submit an abstract by the closing date of 2 February 2018.

Over the two day event, expert presenters will explore how geospatial solutions have enabled projects to run more efficiently, ensuring that they are delivered on time, whilst saving money and reducing risk.

For more information, 
please contact Danielle Orsi
[email protected]
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