2018 Strategic Conference

Geospatial: Powering the 4th Industrial Revolution

There is no denying that we are in the middle of a technological revolution that is altering the way we live, move, work, and communicate with one another. This new era is rapidly becoming known as the 4th industrial revolution, and makes up the theme for this year’s GEO Business strategic conference.


Conference Chairman, Simon Navin from Ordnance Survey lays out the objectives for the day:


“I am delighted to chair this year’s GEO Business conference. Year on year, GEO Business continues to provide a platform for professionals to demonstrate the value that geospatial content brings to citizens and industry, as well as tackling the challenges the industry and the economy faces as we head in to the fourth industrial revolution.

It is that revolution that has inspired this year’s conference and exhibition. The way we live, move, work, and communicate with one another is being altered by technology constantly. The pace of change is unlike anything we have seen before, and the demand for real-time, location-enabled insight is challenging our industry, offering opportunities to further embed geospatial into the value chain.

The conference this year has been developed to not only demonstrate the value of geo and surface new opportunities, but to challenge us to show how our industry is adapting, growing and evolving to keep pace with demand, as well as where geospatial is being used and relied upon in “non-traditional” industries and community initiatives.

Throughout the conference you will see how geospatial is helping to grow new businesses, connect communities and underpin innovative data capture and sharing. You will also learn about the value geospatial brings to the UK and global economy and hear from leaders in the public and private sector about how that value will be further maximised, and the opportunities it may bring for us all.

I ask that each of you engages with and challenges our conference theme and participants. That way, we will continue to grow and develop an industry that is robust and fit for a very exciting future.”


We look forward to welcoming you to the Business Design Centre in May!


Simon Navin

GEO Business Conference Chairman



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