IntelliFinder A/S

IntelliFinder A/S is a software for business for managing resources in connection with fixed, geographical locations.
IntelliFinder is designed for planning, mapping, construction management and maintenance of any physical network or technical installations: Fiber-optic, electrical, etc. You can use it for quality assurance, quality inspections, and many more.

Stand L20

Products & Services:
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Acquisition, Digitisation
  • Data and Services Hosting
  • Data Conversion/Integration
  • Data Management
  • Data Suppliers
  • Data Validation/Processing
  • Geodata Products
  • Geological Mapping
  • GIS Data Capture
  • GIS Data Management & Maintenance
  • Location, Detection & Safety
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Software Services
  • Software Supplies