Geospatial Drone Zone

The arrival of drones equipped with cameras, GNSS, LiDAR, multi spectral and other sensors brings with it a whole host of opportunities for the geospatial industry.  

Geomatics and geospatial professionals who are working in architecture, construction, utilities and engineering, as well as agriculture, energy and emergency response are already actively utilising drone technology and seeing the benefits of being able to inspect key infrastructure sites, or map complex environments with exceptional speed, accuracy and cost efficiency.

This is an active fast moving market for the drone industry that is changing at a rapid pace. Many of the large geospatial companies are now manufacturing drones, cameras and sensors for application in this industry.


Exhibitors featuring in the 2018 GEO Business Drone Zone include:

Skeye specialise in aerial data capture using manned aircraft and the latest drone technology.  By integrating decades of knowledge and experience in survey with advanced data processing methodologies Skeye produce quality 3D models and imagery to survey grade accuracy. From Offshore Oil & Gas to large scale engineering projects Skeye provide vital insights for project success.


Opti-cal Survey Equipment and Pix4D team-up to provide Airborne Surveying solutions, coupling the latest drone technology with the most advanced photogrammetry software for professional aerial mapping. Pix4Dmapper automatically stitches images taken by the drone and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D and 3D models.


Allied Associates, veterans of the Geo sector, provide high end products and services to  a diverse Client base, Utilities, Surveying, Geophysics, and recently Airborne providing data collection with the use of Drones. Their services include sale and rental with an exceptional customer support gained through their excellent product knowledge.


Opti-cal Survey Equipment is an industry-leading supplier of land survey and precision measurement technologies based in the UK. They hire and sell both new and reconditioned equipment, as well as providing comprehensive service, technical support and training.


COPTRZ exist to enable businesses and governmental organisations to get the most from drone technology. By providing you with a complete solution, through best-in-world drones (also known as UAVs), payloads, software, training and consultancy, COPTRZ can deliver the best possible drone strategy for your organisation.


Maptasks keeps you and your team organised and focused on your geospatial tasks. You can create projects, add tasks and share them with team members, contractors, and stakeholders to your convenience.


GeoCue Group is the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR processing and workflow management tools in North America and the developer of LP360—the most widely used toolset for exploiting point cloud data in an ArcGIS® environment. Through the AirGon subsidiary, GeoCue provides cost-effective drone measurement technology and services including: positioning hardware, processing software, and training and consultation.


Whatever your needs, rest assured that Samsett provides a high-quality, reliable service on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that you, the client, get the service that you need and deserve. They employ a team of staff who are vastly experienced in providing range of surveying and setting out services.


Seafloor Systems is a leading innovator in the application of hydro acoustic sonar and unmanned marine surface vehicle technology to the survey industry worldwide. Having developed the HydroLite-TM and DFX echosounder kits, the HyDrone Unmanned Catamaran Platform and EchoBoat Unmanned Surface Vehicle, Seafloor can satisfy all your hydrographic surveying needs!


RUAS provide aerial survey and inspection solutions using drones. Their fully qualified and insured remote pilots deliver high resolution stills, video, thermal imaging and geographic data and models. RUAS are the longest established CAA National Qualified Entity approved to train Remote Pilots, providing bespoke courses to a range of industries.


 Terrasolid develops world leading software for processing airborne, mobile and UAV LiDAR data and images. Terrasolid provides versatile and capable tools for line matching, and advanced point cloud classification, visualisation and feature extraction for endless applications. The software is system independent with highly interoperable input/output options.


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