GEO Business provides a perfect opportunity to increase the awareness of your company. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, however they are selling fast so act soon!

Opportunities from £68-£200
Finger Board Logo £68

Include your logo on your finger board name panel and really stand out from the crowd.


Enhanced Exhibitor Profiles £151

Enhance your profile at GEO Business via the Website and the brand new GEO Business App and make an impression before, during and after the event, all for just £151!  If you only want your website profile enhanced and not the app, this will cost you £98.


Opportunities from £350 – £500
Send an email to all pre-registered visitors £350 per blast

Fully in line with recent GDPR regulations, simply provide us with your html email and we will send it out to all registered visitors (that have opted in) on an agreed date either in advance of the show or directly afterwards. Subject to schedule by the event organiser and data protection laws.


Digital Displays £399 (available to more than one company)

Use the various digital displays located around the show to transmit your message in a unique way.

Balcony Banners from £325

3m Banners (position 3-20) – £325 each or x2 for £545

3m Banners (position 1a or 2a) – £410 each or x2 for £750) SOLD

3m Banners (position 1 or 2) – £499 each or x2 for £850) SOLD

Stair Risers (position a) – £999 SOLD

Stair Risers (position b) – £999 SOLD

Stair Risers (position c) – £999 RESERVED

5m Centre hanging Banner (D) – the reverse of the GEO banner – £2500

Offering a great impact around the event hall balconies that look down over the show floor, the balcony banners are becoming increasingly popular.

GEO Sponsorship Opportunities - Banners


Sponsor a page on the website from £499

Whether it is the page dedicated to Workshops, Conference or Visitor Information, have your message displayed to visitors clearly when the page is opened.  Prices vary depending on the page.

Opportunities from £500 +
Ale Trail – £550 or brand new for 2019 GEO Fizz – £550

Visitors will be invited to participate in the Ale Trail on Tuesday 21 May between 4pm-6pm. Ale Stations will be situated around the exhibit hall on each of the sponsoring exhibitor’s stands, where various ales can be sampled again and again! This opportunity includes an array of branding opportunities both on the website and within the onsite show catalogue.  NEW for 2019, GEO Fizz.  Those visitors that don’t appreciate the grain and are more interested in the grape will be pleased to see you at the show and share in the fizz you have on offer.

Front of House Panels – from £599 RESERVED

Be the first branding the visitor sees as they enter the show by displaying your message on these prominently displayed banners on the glass panels of the entrance. High profile and highly effective.

1 panel – £599
2 panels – £799

Sponsor a GEO Business Show Email £699 per blast

We send out regular messages to our database about the show, why not sponsor one of the emails and get your brand in front of thousands of industry colleagues? Subject to schedule by the event organiser and data protection laws.

GEO Business Email Banner Ad

Sponsor the GEO Business App – £699-£3500

Opportunities available ranging from £699 to £3500.  With over 200 sessions to choose from, the GEO Business app is a heavily utilised tool by all the attendees who can schedule their day with ease, find information on the speakers, the exhibition, the sponsors and much, much more.

GEO Business 2019 App Sponsorship


Sponsor a Charging Station £699 per station  SOLD

BRAND NEW for 2019, this opportunity will provide much needed mobile phone/ tablet charging stations in a prominent areas of the show floor.   Your branding will feature around the edge of the table for all to see – and you will no doubt come across some very grateful customers happy in the knowledge that you were responsible for keeping them connected onsite.  There is a minimum requirement of 2 stations.

GEO Sponsorship Opportunities - Charging Station


Branded Floor Tiles £995 for x10

Display your branding around the show via adhesive floor tiles, helping to drive visitors to your stand as they walk around the exhibit hall. Different sizes and prices available. Tiles are approx 500mm x 500mm (available to more than one company).

GEO Sponsorship Opportunities - Floortile



Stair Risers leading from Plaza to Upper level-  £999  SOLD
Stair Risers leading from Back of Mezzanine Level to Upper level – £999  RESERVED

A unique opportunity to brand your message and logo cleverly on the stairs.

Registration Confirmation – £995 RESERVED

All visitors to the show register via the website and are sent an email confirmation. Become the sponsor and have your logo and link on each email that goes to everyone that pre-registers.

Cafeteria – £1399 SOLD

Sponsor the cafeteria – have your branding on display at the only cafe on the show floor and your logo will also feature on the disposable cups.

Lanyards – £1500 SOLD

Lanyards are handed out to all visitors attending the show. Simple but effective, this option offers you the chance to have your logo literally hung around every attendees’ neck!


Electronic Badge Sponsor – £1580 SOLD

All pre-registered visitors receive their badge electronically by email.  As the official sponsor, your advert will be placed on the front of the A4 print out, underneath the badge itself.  Watch in awe as thousands of visitors turn up to the show holding their A4 print out with your message on it, before it gets folded into the badge holder

Exclusive Route planner sponsor £2436

Help visitors around the show with this useful guide. Sponsor the route planner and the back page will be reserved for your advert with your stand highlighted on the plan.


GEO Business Dinner – £3000

After a busy day at the show, guests will be able to enjoy a relaxed networking event where good food and drink is in abundance. As official sponsor, your logo will be added to the tickets, included on all the publicity relating to the event and you can also bring your own literature to display including a pull up banner. POA (maximum 4 sponsors)

NB. VAT is not included in quoted prices



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