Asset Inspection surveys – looking forward to the future

Asset Inspection surveys and BIM-informed decisions are well established and widespread throughout the terrestrial Geospatial industry yet are treated as in their infancy or completely overlooked in a marine setting (or even worse, just not known about!), with potential dire consequences.

As an Island nation, much of our infrastructure is located adjacent to or built over water; from ports and harbors, bridges, roads and railway lines to housing and commercial complexes, often in historic units yet little is known about the integrity of the submerged sections of these assets.

By utilizing high-resolution survey sensors combined with industry-leading expertise and experience, Bibby HydroMap have been completing marine asset inspection surveys, producing BIM compatible 3D point clouds of assets both above and below the waterline for over 5 years providing:

  • Baseline 3D point cloud of assets from which subsequent surveys, future design and remedial works can be measured against
  • Inspection survey to locate unknown damage to an asset or monitoring known areas of damage to prolong the asset life and inform of potential required remedial work
  • Bathymetric data to monitor scouring or sediment accumulation

In essence, removing the water to allow visualization of the entire asset with the ultimate aim of prolonging the lifespan of the asset.

The technology and techniques are there, isn’t it time we made BIM-informed decisions of marine infrastructure too?

Visit stand N16 to learn more or attend the free workshop Marine asset integrity and structural monitoring surveys, Tuesday 22nd May 12:30 – 13:00 Theatre 3.

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