GEO Business was the business for iSTAR Pulsar

Our Commercial Advisor Chris Dryden gives us his perspective on GEO Business in his personal blog about the event.


The aim of our newly launched iSTAR Pulsar is to make big data capture as simple and as cost-effective as possible. And it seems the delegates at GEOBusiness 2018 agreed that is exactly what we’ve managed to do.


It was all go for us at the two-day event as more than 200 people came to see what our new imaging device could really do, especially in relation to this year’s conference theme round contributing to “industry 4.0” and the drive to make our cities smarter.


The unparalleled 11K spherical resolution of our device — delivering incredible 60MP panorama images for only $3995 (£3095) — really captured the imagination of delegates. Many loved the way we are disrupting the market through our aggressive approach to drive down costs (other mobile mapping 360 cameras can cost upwards of $15–20k with lower imaging specifications), and we had lots of interest for applications where the incumbent technology can’t be justified due to prohibitively high cost.


But one of the key reasons for attending GEOBusiness was not just to show and tell, but to also listen as well. It was heartening not just to hear such a positive response to the device, but to also hear how we could enhance future generations of the iSTAR Pulsar to make it an even more compelling alternative for geospatial professionals.


We now look forward to introducing the iSTAR Pulsar to the US market through the SPAR 3D Expo and Conference in Anaheim on the 5th to the 7th of June, and can’t wait to hear what visitors there think of the device which is already being described as “game changer” technology.


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