HERON presented at GEO Business

The indoor Mapping Market is growing fast and in this field HERON® IMMS (Indoor Mobile Mapping system) from Gexcel, is having an increasing success due to its unique and particular features as:

  • The self localisation and real time change detection capability
  • The quality of the post processing 3D optimisation process, capable to reduce the typical drifts of the SLAM algorithms

Also, this year HERON has been presented at GEO Business, with the new HERON® LITE solution that is now enrich the HERON products family.

“In the last year, our indoor mobile mapping system, HERON® AC-1, has confirmed its unique features and performances in 3D indoor/outdoor mapping and BIM projects. In particular, several customers have been fully satisfied by the possibility to carry out real-time BIM-check analysis, making possible a on the field check of the results of a scan to BIM process; applications on huge construction sites, airports, industrial plants…”declares Giorgia Rossi, International Sales Manager at Gexcel, who will be present at the Show.

Gexcel’s President, Giorgio Vassena, affirms: “after seeing the high satisfaction of our clients in using the real-time change detection HERON® AC-1 feature in construction applications, we are sure that our technology can be a real answer for the future of the surveying world, always looking for smarter and more effective ways to solve specific issues, by saving money and time”.

The strength of HERON® is the capability to survey complex environments without any external positioning system and to highlight (in real-time) all the geometrical changes between different surveying sessions. This solution is perfect to observe model changes in large industrial plants or to monitor the works in large construction sites or tunnels. Using its unique automatic self-localization feature, HERON®AC-1 can independently define its position, and then proceed with a real time change detection analysis between reality and former 3D point cloud models or BIM models.

Gexcel designed and developed the HERON® Wearable Mobile Mapping System thanks to a collaboration with the European Commission Joint Research Center, which applies this technology in nuclear plants monitoring, certification and revamping. Thanks to its unique features, HERON® has been adopted by international institutions and large companies involved in industrial, construction and infrastructures projects.


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