How to reduce cable strikes

The 2014 Utility Strikes Damage Report, by Utility Strike Avoidance Group – USAG, analysed over 2,000 utility strikes across the UK in 2014, although unofficial estimates state that there is potentially up to 60,000 strikes per year.

The highest volume of strikes is on Low Voltage electricity cables (<1000V) which are often located in footpaths.

We have summarised the reasons utility strikes are caused and the recommendations to avoid future damages from the report.

The reasons for utility strikes
  • Behavioural issues on site during the execution of the works.
  • Not being aware of higher risk areas and not ensuring that guidance is in place for workers involved with the site.
How to avoid future strikes
  • Better preparation in advance of works commencing, through availability of more accurate plans and more robust location and survey practices is critical.
  • Ensuring a comprehensive Utility Search is part of your due diligence process during in land and property acquisition.

Our team at Premier Energy provide PAS 128 QL:D compliant searches and collate responses into a PDF report with a RAG rating. This enables you to easily pinpoint utilities of concern, helping to reduce utility strikes on site.


To find out more information on our Utility Searches and their importance in the reduction of utility strikes visit our website:  or contact a member of our team at 01403 740240.


Always remember ‘Search First Dig Later’.




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