Utility Search case studies

Premier Energy have undertaken C2 utility asset searches for a number of long linear routes on UK motorways. For each project we also delivered a utility search report and an interactive Premier Asset Layered Map (PALM) in PDF and DWG format.

The A14

What did we do?

We provided complete Utility Searches and a PALM for the entire route of one of the UK’s largest road schemes – The A14.

Size of site:

This was a 40km linear route, involving 30 mapping tiles of utility information.

Key facts:
  • Over 6000 hectares were mapped on our PALM and Utility Searches.
  • We gathered utility information from over 2000 utility plans.
  • 17 utility layers were combined on a single interactive map.
  • This task complied with health and safety guidance and the Cabinets office requirements for Stage 2 BIM where all records must be held and managed electronically.
  • View ports were created to allow easy access to the individual tiles.

Smart Motorways

What did we do?

We provided complete Utility Searches and a PALM for:

  • The A1 (M)
  • The M25 Junction 10 to 16.
Size of site(s):
  • The A1 was 15km long section
  • M25 Junction 10 to 16 was 36.8km long
Key facts A1:
  • The Utility Search records were covered across the PALM for efficient cross referencing.
  • The PALM mapped over 14 different utilities from over 350 utility plans.
  • The PDF was split into 5x3km sections and the DWG as one single file.
Key facts M25:
  • This was delivered in 13 separate utility reports with the PALM PDF split into 13 sections.
  • Information was received from over 25 different utility companies and over 800 c2 utility records.


To find out more information on our Utility Searches and PALM product visit our website: premierenergy.co.uk

Premier Energy The-A14

Premier Energy The-A14


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